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The Centre of Continuing Education No. 2 in Lublin is a public educational institution whose traditions go back to the oldest high school in Lublin for adults e.g. Tadeusz Kościuszko High School for Working People. The Centre aims at taking the necessary steps to implement didactic and statutory methods. It also provides each student with the necessary conditions for studying, further training and retraining.
As one of the elements of the national education system, the Centre seeks to continuously improve the quality of work, organizational development and the elaboration of educational offers that would meet the needs of the learners and the labour market.

The above-mentioned actions refer to:
– optimization of learning, the realization of objectives and statutory tasks
– creating conditions for the development and activity of the students
– managing the school
– cooperating with the local community in particular with labour offices and local employers
– cooperating with the organizers of education for adults in Poland and abroad
– supporting the process of self-education

The Continuing Education Centre No. 2 consists of the following branches:

  • 26th High School for Adults
  • Post-High School for Adults No. 2
  • Training Centre registered in the Institution of Training

The Mission of the Continuing Education Centre No 2 in Lublin:

Our school teaches wise acceptance.
Our aim is to educate a conscious, creative and independent individual.
We focus on developing a sense of responsibility for our own education.
We undertake actions that serve the comprehensive development of the students so that their educational pathway is successful.
In our institution, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to start academic studies and we prepare them for work.
It is our concern that the school is a safe and friendly place for both students and teachers.
We care about the professional development of our teachers.
We promote and implement the idea of continuing learning e.g. lifelong learning.

The purposes of the Continuing Education Centre No 2 in Lublin
“You have to participate in life”
De Saint-Exupery

Treating education as a lifelong-accompanying process. Striving to meet the educational needs of the local community. Ensuring a high level of education both in school and out-of-school forms.
Ensuring the possibility of realizing the educational ambition of the students and the professional aspirations of the teachers.
Observing the principles of respect, tolerance and democracy in the community of the CKU No. 2
Shaping the school climate based on a dialogue among all the members of the community.
Creating modern, safe and hygienic working conditions.
Creating the positive image of the school.
Local promotion of the school.
Establishing contacts and cooperation with labour market representatives and local communities.
For adult learners, learning at the Centre is often the only way to get a secondary education diploma, a bachelor’s degree, or a technical degree in a given profession.

We will assist all candidates in selecting an individual pathway for education in accordance with:

  • their present knowledge: in this area there are no barriers: we invite “old” graduates of eight-year elementary schools, junior high schools, vocational schools, technical secondary schools, bachelors and university graduates
  • their interests
  • their predispositions
  • labour market needs
  • their life plans

If you learn in our Centre you get:

  • free of charge learning
  • well-prepared workrooms
  • professionally prepared computer laboratories
  • multimedia centre
  • a well-equipped library
  • excellent staff – vocational subjects taught by practitioners employed in their professions
  • the environment of exceptionally friendly people who know the specifics of adult student teaching
  • the opportunity to participate in projects financed by the EU

Agenfap is a Cooperative of professional consultants and trainers, which was founded and draws its inspiration from the experience and the work of the “Associazione Generale Quadri” trade union association of Manager and Professional affiliated to the CGIL (the largest Italian Trade Union organization). Agenfap was created in 2004 with the ambition to offer highly qualified training services to managers and professionals. Due to its Trade Union link, the cooperative is very active in all fields related to active employment policies, lifelong learning and vocational training.
Agenfpa is also a member of the “Lega delle Cooperative”, the largest and most important organization of Italian cooperatives, which includes companies from all sectors, from large-scale retail trade to construction, from services to social cooperatives. The Cooperative pursues its AIMS by offering services for training, organizational development and quality of work to public and private partners, and in favour of working women and men, who are in possession of the qualification of Professionals and managers, as well as in favour of technicians and freelance professionals.
Agenfap designs and implements training courses and training seminars addressed to companies, promotes and organizes exhibitions and cultural events and encourages the exchange of scientific information regarding training, job development, social ethics and the territorial and productive development. The cooperative has focused its activities and its intervention on the themes of innovation, collaboration and equity.
It is also very active in the freelance professionals and entrepreneur’s sector. That is because the subjects Agenfap works on are related to transversal skills. The main subjects Agenfap works on are:

  1. Relational skills
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Digital personal and corporate Storytelling
  4. Collaborative organization
  5. Lego Serious Play
  6. Change Management
  7. Web 2.0 and Web Reputation Online
  8. European Projects

Agenfap supports the regional public policies in the employment sector designing and delivering innovative training solutions for:

  • unemployed people to foster their integration or re-integration in the labour market (employability policies),
  • employed people to update and upgrade their competences to boost their career or for career changes (adaptability policies).

In the last years, also due to a turnover of the partner of Agenfap, new and younger people joined the team. Consequently, Agenfap decided, thanks to the new competences acquired, to start applying EU funding finances programmes to better develop its aims, through international cooperation, sharing and acquiring best practices and innovation elements.

Inercia Digital is a young Andalusian company, established in 2012, with outlets throughout Europe. Despite being a small size company, it has international ambitions and appealing experience. Its main target is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and entrepreneurs (e-learning on e-business). Inercia Digital offers e-Learning solutions contextualized to the needs of our customers in an environment of collaboration and respect for the optimization of the professional performance and training. This is supported by a Pedagogical and Technological Know-How that contributes to the development of a creative, educational process. In this sense, this company offers some programmes and online courses specialised on both skills – for SMEs and entrepreneurs accessible through its Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as the Virtual Training Centre for Employment: besides, the award of Inercia Digital as a Collaborative Entity in Training for Employment in the discipline of e-learning. It is also accredited by the Tripartite Foundation (Government of Spain) to provide ongoing training for companies and workers.

Inercia Digital trusts on e-learning as an educational training process, so that it entails the attention to both areas: the pedagogical and the technological one, while accepting technologies such a support and tool within the whole process. For this reason, Inercia Digital brings together specialists and experts of these two main areas in order to offer a comprehensive knowledge. Its trainings are always supported by appropriate educational strategies and the proper use of technologies. Cooperating with different strategic partners, Inercia Digital has developed several training programs in order to address those specific needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs.
E-teaching is a program about training online tutors/mentors and digital trainers. It is one of Inercia Digital’s specialities, and it owns the Certificate of Proficiency of Teaching Professionalism of Vocational Training for Employment (SSCE0110) which has been approved by the Andalusian Employment Service, as well as its speciality of Virtual Tutorial for Online Training (SSCE01A).
In addition, in cooperation with the Research Group GITICE (Technology of Information and Communication in SMEs of the University of Huelva), Inercia Digital develops the first Master’s Degree in e-business and Web Entrepreneurship of the International University of Andalusia.
Inercia Digital has several specialised courses in the following training areas: e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning:

  • Electronic commerce for SMEs (e-commerce): B2C, B2B, C2C
  • Electronic relationships among SMEs: B2E, B2A / C2A and teleworking
  • Online sales platforms (Virtual Stores)
  • SMEs’ e-commerce internationalisation
  • Online marketing for SMEs
  • ERP and CRM systems. Business intelligence (BI)


  • Online business models
  • Preparation of innovative Business Plan
  • Support for a innovation cycle starting with business ideas or market needs
  • Cloud Computing Model for SMEs
  • Design, creation and Web Business Analytics
  • Office automation 2.0: Digital SME program


  • Design and development of online learning platforms
  • Training of trainers in e-learning
  • Preparation, design and content adaptive e-learning
  • Virtual tutoring projects and courses
  • Training for employment e-learning
  • E-learning for SMEs

Gecko Programmes Ltd is a Vocational Education and Training organisation based in Wolverhampton and with facilities in Birmingham. The West Midlands is the centre of operations, but we have activities throughout England.
With a history of engaging with the creative and third sectors to establish new projects and provide skills advice, the company was established in 2009. Gecko develops organisations and people in the UK and Europe, operating through the Consulting Business Unit to develop organisations, and the Work and Skills Unit to develop people.
As an approved provider to the UK Cabinet Office, we provide a contract and investment readiness services (change management) to social enterprises in England. We provide change management to the public sector organisations “spinning out” to the private sector that are in scope for the UK Cabinet Office Mutual Support Programme. We also facilitate the creative and third sectors to shape partnerships and projects.
We have a core team of fourteen full-time staff based in our offices in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, a further four part-time staff who work particularly with cultural enterprises, and a further twelve associate consultants who deliver leadership and management developments.
Gecko is approved by Pearson EDI/Edexcel/BTEC to verify and certificate vocational and pre-employment training. As an approved Quality Centre, the team bring expertise in the management of curriculum; from design through to delivery and management of the quality of teaching and learning.
Gecko has attained the Matrix Standard for the quality of information, advice and guidance given to learners.
The Work and Skills Unit holds contracts to develop people through skills and mentoring. We offer a quality assured curriculum (certificated by Pearson) that is funded by the UK’s Skills Funding Agency. We also hold UK Department of Works and Pensions contracts to support workless people back into employment.
We add value to both of these Business Units through our European Team; partnerships to identify curriculum development needs, partnerships to pilot the delivery of innovative training, and inward and outward individual mobilities to enhance the learning experience.

Hellenic Open University (HOU) is a public university that comprises of 4 schools (School of Science and Technology, School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences and School of Applied Arts) and offers 35 study programmes to about 35.000 adult students, who are dispersed all over the country and in Cyprus. HOU is the only Greek University that offers formal education using the distance learning methodology combined with the principles of adult education. About 80% of its students are working professionals who seek further education in order to improve or change their career, thus HOU has established a permanent connection with the market, professional networks and professional development agencies. HOU applies the ISO 9001:2008, ISO27001:2013 and ELOT 1429:2008 quality standards.
HOU will participate in this proposal through the DAISSy (Dynamic Ambient Intelligent Social Systems) Research Group of the School of Science and Technology. The DAISSy Research Group (, has long-time expertise in Social Systems, Peer Learning Platforms, ICT in Education, Skills Definition and Profiling for ICT related jobs, online study platforms, learning object repositories, educational / 3D games, etc. The DAISSy group has participated in the development of OnLabs Educational Software, a photorealistic 3D simulation of the Biology lab at Hellenic Open University that is used for training biology students in making appropriate use of laboratory equipment and conducting experiments (, Since its establishment, the DAISSy group has participated in more than 30 national and European projects, in various frameworks (i.e. FP5, FP6, FP7, Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, etc.), amassing a total funding of more than 2,5 MEuro. Today the group employs more than 15 persons, including University professors, PhD and MSc holders, researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence and social sciences, experienced ICT engineers, programmers and administrative personnel. The vision of the researchers of DAISSy group is to contribute to the realization of an advanced humane society by inventing technology that adapts and supports human needs and not the other way round!