The second event

The second event of the “YouBrand – Storytelling and Pitching for Start-ups” project was a meeting of 6 representatives of partner organizations, organized on September 26, 2018 in Warsaw.

The representative of the host organization CKU2, Grzegorz Pietroń, welcomed the participants and presented the agenda of the meeting. Reports on the implementation of focus studies by individual partners were presented. The partners discussed the conclusions from the reports and possible modifications in the training methodology. Then Andrea Cenderello presented the initial programme assumptions for individual training modules. The partners discussed the form of training programme development as well as its individual modules. A workplan was discussed in detail, the individual task was modified and adjusted, deadlines were met, and results were determined. The partners agreed on the details of the training in Athens, the date of the last project meeting, and the assumptions regarding the multiplier event in Lublin were preliminarily set.