Conference was held to sum up the project YouBrand organized by Gecko Programs Ltd (England)

Addressing Barriers to Learning for Employability and Entrepreneurship 


Date: 16/12/2019 -Attendance 14

10.00-Introduction to YouBrand- Pat Cross- Managing Director Gecko Programmes

10.30- Presentation on rationale for the project-Jay Hunting-Learning Manager

11.00- Discussion on need for the materials and platform-Facilitated by Michael Ryan Gecko Programmes Trainer

11.30-Presentation on the modules and the content-Michael Ryan

12.00-Presentation on using the learning platform as a trainer-Louise Fox Gecko Programmes Trainer

12.30- Final discussion and    coffee

In this presentation and discussion event there was an initial discussion on disadvantaged areas in the city and the existing various strategies to enable people to learn and find employmemt Most of the attendees are employability and regeneration and social and economic specialists and managers. Their involvement ws to look at the platformand see how it could be desseminated to the key stakeholders in the region who have access to the specific type off learner that would use it.

As in the BCCC Multiplier, by changing it from a series of presentations, we gave the experts in the room a chance to tell us what they saw as issues and how this platform could work. After the overview and the benefits of the platform, it was clear that many saw potential in aligning it to the needs of certain people in disadvantaged categories. In certain groups , the attendees saw community groups that could act as facilitators to help engage people to use the platform.  Also it was key that trainerss and business support staff in partner communities were aware of the platform community function where they can enage in good practise and improve the materials that are there.