Conference was held to sum up the project YouBrand organized by Agenfap: Distortions in creativity – Innovative company cultures

The closing event of the YouBrand project took place in Rome on 27 November 2019. The main aim of the project was to create a training path for start-up entrepreneurs and consultants adapting their skills to the world of innovation and using such tools as Business Model Canvas, Brand Storytelling, Personal Branding, Pitching and Crowdfunding.  

In the first part of the event, a number of speakers focused on innovation in start-ups and organisations: in their speeches, they tried to transform the paradigm in which the simple equations “innovation = technology” or “innovation = new technologies” are the only way to build an organisational culture in which innovation starts with the people who create it.  

Then, in a more practical field, unconventional methodologies were used to change positions. In addition to the story of the chosen path and the sharing of experiences, the event aimed to offer a look at the need to change organisational mentality in order to face the changes taking place and remain competitive in the market. All this by using divergent thinking to enable the necessary cultural innovations and creative tools – for example LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or Brand Storytelling as functional keys to look at innovation and organization from a different perspective.