For WHO?

The following target groups will directly participate YouBrand activities:

  1. ca. 30 (unemployed/at risk of social exclusion) aspiring entrepreneurs will directly participate the YouBrand training activities
  2. ca. 20 trainers will directly participate in YouBrand training activities scheduled
  3. 10 trainers will participate the e-learning and Joint Staff Training Event organized by the project
  4. ca 15 entrepreneurs will be involved as business angels in the activities
  5. excluding the above mentioned ones, other 20 education professional will be involved in the focus activities
  6. ca 15 public institutions representatives will be constantly involved in the activities for feedback and advice and suggestions.
  7. minimum of 250 stakeholders: involved in Multiplier Events among the following categories:
  • trainers
  • adult learners
  • public institutions in charge of labour, youth, unemployment, social inclusion and training policies
  • education designers/managers,
  • training/education providers
  • associations/organizations, NGOs, active in the field of youth social inclusion